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Chinese New Year
Gift Box


Type / Packaging
Client / AAOO & K9 DESIGN
Designer / Louis Chiu & Kevin Lin

十二生肖 - 源自於華人文化圈中的傳統民間故事,由十二種動物依照天干地支所組成的時節序列。以農曆新年作新一年象徵動物生肖,循環一次為一輪。 2020年之代表生肖為〝子鼠〞。 華人文化中,新年代表著全新的開始,同時也是個將生活中的喜悅、未來展望與親朋好友分享的時節,人們攜帶簡單但富有心意的禮品互相拜訪餽贈,祝賀對方在新的一年中有一個美好的開始。 2020年的新年,我們以今年生肖-鼠在漢文化中所代表的涵義:豐收、多產作為主題,結合了中國新年送禮的習俗;通過設計推出了自己的新年禮盒-銀花玉鼠盒。 此包裝中分為禮盒與年節賀卡:包裝視覺以中國新年的氛圍中小鼠遊玩嬉戲為主視覺,並以豐富的動植物圖騰鋪陳傳遞豐收之感,傳達著對新年的期許。 藍與橘是此設計的主體色彩,意味著世界組成的原點-青天與紅土;在賀卡與包裝的外型上採取六角形的切割構成,因為六在漢文化中象徵著智慧與順利,再次傳遞著新年文化中的原意-分享喜悅.期許未來。

Chinese New Year Gift Box
Zodiac - From the traditional folk tales in the Chinese cultural circle, the season sequence consists of twelve species of animals in accordance with the heavenly dry earth branch. With the Lunar New Year as the symbol of the animal zodiac, cycle once for a round.

The 2020 representative of the zodiac is the mule mouse.
In Chinese culture, Chinese New Year represents a new beginning, but also a time to share the joy of life, the future with friends and family, people bring along simple but heart-loving gifts to visit each other, greeting each other to have a good start in the new year.

This year - 2020 Chinese New Year, we elaborate the meaning of Mule mouse in zodiac culture which is harvest ; produced, as our theme to combined with the tradition of Chinese New Year gift giving and through design we had create a Chinese New Year gift box.
This packaging is including a gift boxes and a Chinese New Year greeting card:
The main visual of the packaging is designed based on the Chinese New Year vibes with the mouse playing around as well as creating the meaning of harvest by using plants and animal to deliver the expectation during Chinese New Year.
Blue & Orange is the base colour of the whole design, which represent the origin of the world “ Qing Tian & Red Earth. We adopted the hexagonal shape as the form of the gift box and the greeting cards is to deliver the wisdom and success in the Han culture and once again to conveys the original meaning of Chinese Culture - Share the joy and Expectation for the future.

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