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Southern Aesthetics
Lecture 2020



Type / Exhibition
Client / 國立臺南生活美學館
Designer / Louis Chiu

良好居住空間的基本要素 - 空間 / 色彩 / 材質為本次展演視覺設計的原點,以深色的石材肌理作為背景,搭配低彩度渲染的居住空間意象,融合代表植栽、生活感的圖像構成視覺主體。
標題字型運用了手寫感突出的毛筆筆觸,強調本次演講主題 - 空間因人的生活方式而存在,打破空間限制,表現樸實、純粹且內斂的視覺感受。

The basic elements of good living space -- space/color/material is the origin of the visual design of this exhibition. The dark stone texture is used as the background, with the image of living space rendered with low chroma, and the image representing planting and life sense is integrated to form the visual subject.

The style of the title USES the outstanding brush strokes with the sense of handwriting to emphasize the theme of this speech -- the existence of space because of people's lifestyle, breaking the space limit, and showing the simple, pure and introverted visual feeling.

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