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Sweet heart - Strawberry cider
Type / Packaging
Client / Drunk Brewing
Designer / Louis Chiu

雨愛的秘密延續在多愁善感的秋季 · 一段放縱的青春電幻物語,甜心草莓陪你chill歸暝。

甜心草莓為Drunk Brewing推出的草莓口味氣泡酒,在產品原料中使用純天然草莓原汁釀造,口感清爽並帶有清新水果香氣。

Sweet Heart Strawberry cider is Drunk Brewing's strawberry flavor sparkling wine, made with all natural strawberry juice, with a crisp, fruity aroma.

In the packaging design, we take the word "Sweet heart" and raw material to think with the female image, is proposed to design of the "Maiden" as the spindle, like the teenage years - the uncertainty of our rebellion and sentimental, show girls in multiple personality and emotional faces. In the aspect of printing design, we present the sticker shape in irregular soft form, and present the product label of the same taste in two versions of color matching, to express the multi-faceted nature of the soul personality.

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