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Xiao Zhai Visual Identity System
Type / Identity
Client / XZ Design
Designer / Louis Chiu

在本次的識別設計中,在標誌部分我們以生活三要素 - 陽光 / 空氣 / 水中的“光”作為設計主軸;光象徵著世界萬物的能量來源,帶有給予、創造以及取之不盡的特質,在建築或是空間設計中,光也經常是設計師們作為創作媒介的重要元素。

Caoer Design, a Taipei-based interior design company, founder Maureen wanted to build a warm design company; In addition to giving trust to customers in the process of service, it also provides a set of service experience that allows customers to participate in the construction of space in each growth stage of design and construction.

In this identification design, in the logo part we take the three elements of life - sunlight/air/water "light" as the design spindle; Light symbolizes the energy source of all things in the world, with the characteristics of giving, creating and inexhaustible.

In architecture or space design, light is often an important element of designers as a creative medium. In the basic space conditions, the reality is transformed and created by design thinking, and a good living environment is gradually outlined.

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