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Weaving a tea story gift box 織茶新年禮盒
Type / Packaging
Client / 桃園市傳統編織技藝文化教育推廣協會
Designer / Louis Chiu ,AAOO Studio



因茶而相織,織出一段路徑, 以地理時光交織佐茶。

Taoyuan in Taiwan is one of the sources of tea production. Its rich hilly terrain is not only an excellent environment for tea, but also a culture of rich ethnic groups.

The three community development associations representing Heluo, Hakka and Taiya cultures hope to integrate with the products and culture of their hometowns as a starting point, and with the common theme of the cow, which is the zodiac symbol of 2021.

In the main image, the "weaving" in the Taiya culture is re-translated into the "integration and interweaving" of ethnic culture, and the image and color of the community representative products are turned into totem and presented with markings, just like a spring cow wearing gorgeous clothes, making the whole rich and not obtrusiveness.

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